About the blog

Hello! I’m glad that you’re here, on my blog AlicjaZell.pl. Here I write about important experiences of my life: travels, folklore festivals, projects. I create this blog to share my feelings and experiences with my friends, relatives and all people interested in the topics I mentioned above. I hope that every text  you will read here, will show that it is worth to discover world, new people, cultures, that it is worth to be open-minded and look at the world without prejudices. I wish it will become an inspiration for you to start or continue your self-development and taking new challenges, especially traveling to new places.


I am not a professional traveler but I traveled a lot to the folk festivals with the Folk Dance Group “Mali Gorzowiacy”. It was an opportunity for me to see a lot of places. I describe this travels. If you see me referring to something as “we”, that means I am talking about this group.  When I stopped to dancing  in “MG” due to my studies in different city, I started to travel alone. I also took a part in project Erasmus+ Study and lived in Vienna, Austria for 12 months. Till this moment I have been to 24 countries in Europe and Asia, some of them I visited a couple of times.

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