Family from Costa Rica part 2

About beautiful, luxuriant rain forests, about waterfalls, coasts, crocodiles and about the volcano, which I could see thanks to my hosts.

You know already a  lot about Rafa’s family and our activities, I was writing about that in the first part  (see the artivle ->

Rafa’s family was so kind and protective that they took me by car to Jaco to make it easier and more secure for me. My families were generally very protective and conscious of all dangers around. They say that Costa Rica is not always safe for tourists and I need to be very careful. I could not ignore these words, but sometimes I think that maybe it is not as extremely dangerous as we all say. I will write other article about safety in CR. So anyway thanks to Rafa’s family I arrived to the Pacific coast and also I saw crocodiles in the wild environment for the first time!


Thanks to all these kind people I could experience real beauty and primeval nature of Costa Rica. They appreciate in fact their country and its treasures, they know a lot of places worth to visit. Thanks to that I went with them to reservation parks,  which amazed me.

Thanks to my friends – dancers Elena and Claudia, I was for the first time by the huge waterfall, in the green, almost not touched by human hand park, free of touristic crowd and artificial barriers. Los Chorros waterfall made a big impression on me and made me feel really free as a human being. I stayed in the water, which was freezing, very fresh and I felt wind on my face, made by a strong stream of the falling from over 40 meters water. Next days Nia hosted me in her house in Cartago and she showed me an incredible park named Tapanti, where I could see totally exotic plants, as it is in rain forest. 🙂 Also her father was so nice that he made for me a special tour into mountains Cordillera de Telemanca and I could breath with clear, perfectly fresh air and taste spring water. Nia showed me also coffee fields, which I have never imagined them like this. 

Famous Arenal

The next region, which I visited, it was Arenal voulcano and lake called this same name. I could explore this part thanks to Ana and her family. I went to this region alone, by bus, it was a very rainy day. Fortunately the weather changed for better, when we were over 200 meters over jungle and were abseiled from 400 meters long zipline (canopy). I tried this extreme sport for the first time in my life, in the biggest zipline center in Costa Rica (Sky Trek), and I must admit that it was totally worth experience! Outgoing clouds made the dry, huge Arenal volcano and Arenal lake partially visible. Do you know that this lake was made by human? Why – I will explain next time. We visited also La Fortuna Waterfall, which is quite close. A massive stream of water is falling there from over 70 meters! Incredible power! But it is very touristic, often visited place, actually pretty crowded and I think because of that it looses its charm. Anyway I am so happy that we went for this trip with Ana!

Western coast

And at the end I will write about blue waters of Pacific. After the dance performance of “Tierra y Cosecha” group, one of the dancers and my friends – Heilyn, took me and our friends to her family house, which is based a few hours far from Cartago in western part of Costa Rica, called Guanacaste. I met her family, we celebrated her father’s birthday, we hiked to Santa Cruz mountain, from where I could see big panorama, I tasted their cuisine (pink drink made from corn, traditional for her family), and in the end we went to  the Samara beach. It was a place like from the post cards, yes, they really exist, it’s not Photoshop! One day only and so many new experiences! Everything thanks to Heilyn, her friends and family. I am very lucky to know them all!

But… it is just a beginning of my Costa Rican story. Stay tuned! 🙂 

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