New stage…

the thing about coming back to Vienna. For an unlimited period.

It’s been three years since I lived in Vienna during the 1-year Erasmus+ study program. It was a very important stage in my life, which caused that in October 2018 I returned here to Vienna to live permanently. Will this experiment succeed, will my plans be realized and if Vienna will accept me for a longer time, and if I will accept Vienna, we will see. But I take up the challenge with enthusiasm. I can not tell you, what I am preparing, because I do not want to talk too early about, but you can be sure that the “Viennese stage” is dedicated to professionalization of my passions, and as you know, the biggest of them are dance and folklore. 馃檪

I have learned at Erasmus to work – I started my first serious job at the Polish Institute in Vienna. I have learned to collaborate in a very international environment, in English – at AIESEC at the University of Vienna. Anyway, the whole period of study abroad has greatly strengthened my language skills and thanks to this, after returning to Poland, I also undertook various works, related to English. I gained priceless contacts and friendships, thanks to which I聽am not foreigner here anymore.

This has been聽long 3 years, full of many issues, which guided me to Vienna again. Everything has changed, literally everything. I must admit, that it was not easy聽prating from聽Poland, especially聽from the matters, people and organizations, that I worked on and with. I am no longer part of the dance community of Gorzow Wielkopolski, although of course my heart is there, because my family lives in Gorz贸w, and in Lubuskie region in general. I have been saying goodbye to Krakow for some time,聽feeling that soon I will change this place, though I did not know yet for what place. I will be definitely visiting this city, it’s a great city in which I entered adulthood.

Wiede艅 2014
Vienna 2014

I live in one of the central parts of Vienna, with nice and helpful roommates from Bulgaria, I have close to work, close to my friends. Usually, it takes me a few minutes to cycle to places of major Polish events that I have recently been involved in. I meet many people, especially the Polish environment, of different generations, and so far this is a positive experience. I do not feel like Polonia yet, but in theory – I belong to it! I want that my actions聽will make a positive impact on this group, and at the same time I would like to become a full member of the international聽 community of Vienna and its inhabitant.聽Living abroad, as I expected,聽gave me energy that is necessary, while entering a new environment, a new culture and language. That is why I’m sure that no matter how this stage goes, and how long it lasts, I know it was a good decision.

Once I deal with the difficult first steps of my undertakings, I will be happy to inform you what I will do here next. Of course, I do not lose contact with Poland. Let me remind you that Vienna is not at the end of the world! Already in a month I am going to Polish mountains, to one of my beloved places, to continue to dance folklore, meet friends from the Cracow course and educate myself. See you later!

Wiede艅 2018
Vienna 2018

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