Yes, I have got talent!

About my participation in America’s Got Talent auditions in New York.

“Do I have any talent?”, “Is there something, what can I show to others?” – these questions were falling to my head, when I was watching parts of America’s Got Talent program on You Tube. I have seen literally all of videos from AGT and Britain’s Got Talent, and after that I was heartbroken, how much time did I waste. But it wasn’t true. It started to be my very important, first step to my own performance in New York.

Finally I did answer on that questions: “Yes, I have got talent! I will show it!”. Even if it is not so big, it is for sure my big passion. “Yes, I will perform in AGT, with Polish folklore!” Sounds crazy… but I did it, maybe not on the big stage, but at least at AGT auditions in New York on 17th December 2017. Watch:

In United States I was a tourist, just right after my Costa Rican trip, but even before that I knew, that if I really go to NY, I will use the opportunity of the AGT auditions. Thanks to my stable vision of my performance, thanks to good people and the group Polish American Folk Dance Company, it was real, that I was in the program. I was so happy and proud! Proud of our Polish beauty hidden in costume, music, songs. And in dance, but I didn’t show any dance, because I was alone and this is very hard to perform dancing solo (at least for me – a learning amateur). Believe me, there was nothing more beautiful that a Polish costume in this room.

I want to make this video an inspiration for all people, who also love Polish culture and folklore. I wish it will give you courage to work at these areas, perform, organize and promote more. Yes, it’s worth! Often even I have automatic thoughts like: “It’s Polish thing, it’s not enough good for abroad” or “Folklore is surely not too interesting for modern world” and so on. This thinking makes us automatically worse than others are, what is not true. I overcame this way of seeing the world, because I  marked, that some dance areas in the world became so popular, it is possible! Who doesn’t know French ballet? Or Russian gymnasts, Japanese dancers with bands or traditional dancers, Ukrainian show, national ballet from Georgia or Irish jumps? These kinds of dance became popular on the whole world! Do you know, what is my dream. To make Polish dances as popular as these!

I used also this experience from the auditions  to encourage others, who hesitate, to  take them part in the program.  I made a video, in which you can find important info for those, who are interested in participation, but are not from USA. If you have any questions more, write me in Contact!

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